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Why Engage Zen Talent In Your Search?

     Finding great talent is all about knowing the right people. Each of us here at Zen Talent has at least 12 years of building trusting relationships with literally thousands of MR professionals, from CEOs all the way down to entry-level analysts. Because the best way to find great talent is to ask those who have worked beside them. Anyone can surf up a name on LinkedIn, but KNOWING people is where great employment fits begin.

     KNOWING also speaks to you, the client. Since cultural fit is as important as a skills fit, we will take the time to know you and your business. The more time you can devote to helping us understand you, the more closely-matched our candidates will be to your ideal. 

     We have clients who are 'too busy' to truly engage with us, or who push us to work exclusively through HR. That's fine once we really know the hiring authorities, but it does not serve your best interests at the onset.

     Your time invested with us up front will pay you back handsomely, and we vow not to abandon you and waste your time.

Integrity And Honesty- Even When It Hurts

     Let's face it- none of us are perfect. We see our job more as a business advisor than a resume pusher. We have the accumulated wisdom of thousands upon thousands of conversations with MR professionals at all levels across the industry, from project managers to CEOs. 

     There are times when that wisdom may be a bitter pill to swallow but we will not be shy about what we think may help. Yes, we have been fired by a few clients (or maybe we fired them?) because they didn't want to hear our advice vis a vis their searches. 

     We vow to be brutally honest with you as well as with our candidates with the goal of long-term successful hiring.

Our Skin In The Game- Shared Risk

     Just about every MR recruiter we've heard of figures that it's your decision as a client to hire or not hire, so their commitment to you ends when you pay their fee. Your new employee quit after 4 months? Their attitude- too bad for you!

     We don't think that's a fair relationship. We believe that we bear a bit more responsibility in the long-term success of your new hire.

     We introduced the industry's only (as far as we know!) plan where our client's fees are spread out throughout the entire first year of our candidate's job tenure. If they leave their job for any reason during that year, you owe us nothing more. We have never heard of any recruiter commitment that comes even close to that.

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A Note On Numbers & Name-Dropping

     Zen Talent has conducted hundreds of searches since its inception. We have successfuly placed senior people with many of the biggest names in the business.

     We have worked with startups and Fortune 100 companies as well as boutique supply-side companies with fewer than 5 employees and huge global MR companies. We don't put their fancy logos on our website because it protects them from getting a bazillion calls from other recruiters trying to get a piece of the action. 

     We can post anonymous testimonials like many recruiters out there, but does anyone really believe them? For testimonials, ask your co-workers because they probably know us (though read the next sentence too).

     There's a funny thing about the recruiting business. We make it our business to know just about everybody, but few people will admit that they know us because it makes people suspect that they're 'looking'.

     Chances are that we know your boss and several of your co-workers! Not that that's a bad thing because we would NEVER betray a confidence.

     A foundation of our business is discretion. We don't talk about you unless you are ok with it. 'Nuff said.